World Unraveled

by Draghkar

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Igor Nosretep
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Igor Nosretep Great work! Would love to hear more soon. Favorite track: Wings Over Malkier.
Matthew Lowery
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Matthew Lowery The crushing, doom-drenched old-school death metal of Draghkar‘s demo “World Unraveled” is intoxicating and intimidating. The crunchy guitar sound and cavernous production style make for an abrasive, distinctively aggressive sound. It’s an extremely solid, satisfying slab of old-school death metal that will surely please fans of old-school death metal. Favorite track: Cowering In The Town Of Blinded Eyes.
Andrew Lee
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Andrew Lee Truly suffocating atmospheric guitar riffs. Claustrophobic blasting and demonic howling will convince you that you've stepped into a Hell dimension. Favorite track: Wings Over Malkier.
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released February 3, 2017


BW - Guitar/Vocals
AK - Drums
Session Bass - Todd Bilsborough

Cover art and logo design by Karmazid.
Guitars and bass self-recorded, drums recorded by Andrew Lee; all recording completed in January, 2017. Mixed and mastered by Derek Orthner. Additional audio engineering by Andrew Lee.

First tape pressing available on Witchhammer Productions for Asian distribution; sold out in the US. Second pressing coming on Blood Harvest Records.

Decibel: "In less than ten minutes World Unraveled, the three song demo from California-based death metal duo Draghkar, crashes into your awareness, wrecks your unsuspecting senses, and leaves you staring horrified at the darkness from whence it descended, not sure if you can handle more, but knowing you need it."

Death Mental Illness: "All the songs from the demo immediately showed and proved, DRAGHKAR are the last rotten missing puzzle-pieces for you to put it's back in Death Metal boards in terms of ugly and rotting decompose."

Tape Wyrm: "From oscillating riffs to the devastating growls which hang like dark clouds in “Wings Over Malkier,” Draghkar is onto something and I insist they pursue this mad dream."

The Elitist Metalhead: "If you like your death metal mean and nasty then this is right up your alley."

Indy Metal Vault: "World Unraveled is an onslaught of riff after riff coming from a bouncy guitar tone that manages to sound wonky and evil at the same time, allowing for some pretty interesting sounds."



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Draghkar California

California death metal horde.

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Track Name: Wings Over Malkier
Slinking through the shadows, the fist moves without sound
Driven behind and harried above
A young boy sleeps alone in the dust
He sleeps in the Blight, land defiled by the touch of the dark
His home destroyed, his people razed

Menacing beasts approach him as silent as death
Snatched from behind, he vanishes without a trace
He leaves behind nothing and hate is his new home
Malkier! Dead! Forgotten!

All the dead in his haunted world follow him forever
Taunt his dreams of his previous life
Sharpening his hate
He will arise
His path has been chosen
Track Name: Cowering In The Town Of Blinded Eyes
A place of darkness infested by the living dead wandering
Unholy ground tainted by shadow, patrolled by the hated, harried by the damned
Raised by slaves, a killer evolving to escape his childhood
Hunter of wolves, master of black dreams
United to the noble, man born of two, hatred and feared
Slayer rises from dust and shame to inflict evil on the world
Track Name: World Unraveled
Slayer stalks the dream, master of fear forged to be by Chosen
As the final battle approaches his hatred meets form
Battling with the Blacksmith provides purpose pride unleashed
Rushing to meet death, Slayer fights in the flesh
Knife bites deep into Wolfbrother's pecs
Knife cuts sinew, tendon, flesh
The wolf man dies, ripped from existence forever

The Pattern is slain
Shadow rules Wheel of Time
Broken man's Faith
There is nothing

Hunter of wolves, master of black dreams
Seeker of the fate
You decide everything